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Hire Resume Sourcers

RPOIndia also offers Resume Sourcing services. Those agencies or clients, who just want assistance on resume sourcing, our resume sourcing team is the best recruiting solution for them. This suits best for those staffing agencies who have small team of recruiters but need more relevant resumes in short span of time to deliver quickly. With our resume sourcing services, you can get relevant resumes right in your inbox even before your day starts. Since we work, while you sleep, your recruiters have resumes ready to quickly start calling which saves alomost 50% of their recruiting time.

Benefits of Resume Sourcing Services

  • Save more than 50% of Recruiting time and effort
  • Kickstart your day directly going behind the candidates, calling them and screening them as you already have relevant resumes in your in-box.
  • Save on Resume Sourcing Cost. Our large internal database, access to all major job portals and social recruiting help you get the relevant resumes at lesser cost.
  • The advantage of time zone difference between on-shore and off-shore team helps in running ahead of the competition. While your competitors are sourcing the resumes, you already have them with you.
  • Extensive experience of our Recruiting and Resume Sourcing team makes it possible to source resumes for almost every Requirement you have. Their domain expertise and collective efforts help you get the right candidate for each job you have.


What they say

RPO India has provided us with the best technical recruiters we can ever hire. Domain expertise & communication skills is always the key factor to decide while hiring offshore recruiters. By hiring recruiters from RPO India, we have taken a very right decision.